It’s A New Generation♥

Hey everyone,

I haven’t been on for ages because you know, I have a life.

But I logged onto my email account a week ago and found a bunch of new comments, most of them being account passwords (thank you!) and uh…more complaints concerning that ‘de fuckin paswords dunt work!!!!11111ONE’.

What I’ve just realised, was that this blog needs a regeneration. Like, a total makeover. It needs to show off its full potential as a poptropica blog (this is my attempt at satire lolol). So I decided that it’s time for ‘Poptropica Party’ to be renovated into the most awesome blog that the Poptropica community has to offer! ;D (ok more satire).

“What does this mean?” you might ask. Well, this means that this blog will be transformed into an utterly amazing blog over the span of….I don’t know…maybe a year or so? The reason why this ‘regeneration’ will take such a long time is because next year, I will be starting my GCSE courses, which basically is the foundation of where I pretty much want my life to go. That means tons of revising (studying if you don’t speak British), coursework and basically getting my lazy ass up and working like crazy. This means that I will not have the time to procrastinate on a game aimed at children (an example of procrastination at its finest, I must say).

The transformations that will occur during this renovation will be (but not limited to):

  • The Unwanted Poptropica Accounts will be newly updated and the accounts that have been donated will be put on there along with the necessary information. I will work on the accounts so that your hard work finding the password will be worth it. (:
  • New layout and theme, alongside with an amazing (ok maybe not so much) banner.
  • The Islands page will be written and completed along side with extra content such as maps, pictures, (video tutorials?) etc.
  • The old, abandoned bookroom page will be fresh with new stories! Also, this means YOU GUYS can make a contribution! ;D If there are any writers lurking around here, then PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE comment saying that you’re willing to help with this page and OMGOMGOMG pleeeeaaasee email me your story! My email is:
  • Do you guys want a chatroom so that you can just chill, make new friends, party…etc.?? Actually, I will make one! ;D
  • I will hold competitions where there are gazillions of prizes to be won! What do you guys want??
  • A brand new Fashion Page will be created. This page will contain ideas, inspirations, ootws (outfit of the week) etc.
  • Posts will actually be regular (lolol). Only problem is that since I’m going to be pretty much inactive, I will need a new owner to do this for me. (read the post beloww).

Since the blog already has a base of viewers (around 1500), which is not much but is still an adequate amount of viewers already, this means that the blog is pretty much ready for a regeneration that the viewers will notice.

The blog will keep its original domain name (poptropicap/poptropicaparty) because of the following reasons:

  • Raves….
  • It’s what the blog started out as – a party for all poptropicans to socialize and y’know, have raves.
  • The name is actually awesome (omg speaking of awesome, I have a new tagline for the blog: ‘ain’t no party like a poptropica party’. Hell yeah, isn’t that just….)

So the whole new regeneration process will begin as from today and from now on, the blog is open to new ideas from you guys!<3

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions etc. (please no ‘fix da accs!!!1111’ or ‘giv meh da passwrds!!!!!11111’ because I.WILL.DELETE.IT) then please feel free to comment down below! I would love to see what you guys think about this! ;D

– Alison x

(btw: the entire blog post is kind of a form of satire (i have used that word three times already wow) but the blog will really be going through refurbishment. however, the whole process really would not be as dramatic as the post suggests (mostly because the blog has a very low following). if you do happen to stumble across this post, then do feel free to comment suggestions, haha :))


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